NAVNET Industry Partners – Get your Jobs in front of qualified candidates

Navnet provides a low cost distribution service for their job openings that target military specific skill sets and experience. This targeted approach reduces the company’s advertising cost for their vacancies and eliminates cost of screening non-qualified candidates.  We work directly with numerous widely respected military-to-civilian transition programs including DoD Transition Assistance Program offices, Ruehlin Associates, and the Marine Executive Association to increase our ever expanding NAVNET membership. However, our greatest source of talent is personal referrals from individuals who have successfully made the military – to – civilian transition.

For both individual NAVNET members and Industry Subscribers – Job vacancy advertisements are sent to us through our wide network of industry contacts.  Using our personalized email distribution process, we expose those job opportunities to the entire NAVNET Resources membership. Everyone wins; Industry Subscribers receive success oriented, highly qualified managers/leaders/employees; and former military decision makers find themselves working at civilian firms where they can thrive, and doing jobs that they love.

Power supporters include…

Ruehlin Associates

Hiretech Supplier of Professionals

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